Photo by Michael Blann/DigitalVision / Getty Images
Photo by Michael Blann/DigitalVision / Getty Images




The Boutique

August In Bloom is a creative event planning and design boutique specializing in modern and stylish events. We are located in Toronto serving worldwide. Our team of event professionals matched with our curated list of talents would love to bring the world of design to your event.


Sara Sull

Sara started with planning corporate and non-profit events and her creative visions lead her to expand into planning weddings and special events. She is detail-oriented, outgoing and driven by the love of a good celebration to execute high-quality events. Consistently inspired by fashion, she effortlessly incorporates modern styles and concepts into stunning event designs.


Mallory Cheung

Mallory has 7 years experience in different areas within the weddings and special events industry. With a background in arts and a love for fashion, she creates events that appeal to those with both contemporary style as well as classic taste. She is highly organized and coordinates all events to perfection.